Best Behaviour School for Dogs Team Photo Shoot - 7th November 2014

Published 20 Nov 2014 at 11:48

A cold, wet, windy November day perfect for standing in a field with excitable dogs and the Best Behaviour School for Dogs Team; who were just as excitable and probably slightly more tricky to control!

A year ago I did the same shoot but with only three members of the team, now there are eight eager dog lovers led by Pippa Ducat the Company Director and also my very lovely friend. We only had a small window of opportunity before the looming black cloud deposited its contents on what was already a very muddy field. Pippa was keen to get the vans in the background so I used my trustee 17mm – 40mm to ensure maximum width. As always the better pictures are the most natural but with this lively cure it wasn’t hard to get some laughter. As always I shoot in RAW so with a bit of Lightroom wizardry I increased the colour temperature a little to soften the cold winter light.

A successful shoot, but more importantly a momentous day in the Best Behaviour calendar. Well-done Pippa you’ve built up a great team and I hope it continues to grow.

If you are in need of a dog exercise school or you have behavioural problems with your dog I cannot recommend Best Behaviour more highly.

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