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(food lover, vinyl nerd, big romantic)

“But I believe in Love, and I know that you do too, and I believe in some kind of path. That we can walk down, me and you. So keep your candles burning, and make her journey bright and pure. That she will keep returning, always and evermore. Into my arms, O Lord”

Nick Cave – our wedding song

I love music, I also love hazy summer dog walks, Sunday morning breakfast with my husband and cooking large feasts for my extended family. I might not fit the adventure junky mould but we love camper van adventures in the mountains and long, scrambling walks.

My life has always been filled with creativity. My dad’s an artist; my mum’s a cook. I studied photography at college. I’ve taught photography for a job. I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing wildlife photographers, experiences and education that have been invaluable to me.

I started my business as a wedding photographer in 2012 and it’s been the best professional decision I’ve ever made. I love everything about weddings, but even more, I love photographing human connection.

Music has always been my constant in life,

so this is ‘Me’ in a playlist.


My heart was broken at the school disco to – ‘show me heaven’ Maria McKee

The Sixth form common room anthem – ‘disco 2000’ Pulp

Kick of my heels and get down and funky – ‘funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter’ Nina Simone

My physical – ‘1960 what?’ Gregory Porter & Opolopo remix

My emotional – ‘this woman’s work’ Kate Bush

My intellectual – ‘ii. Mrs Dalloway: in the garden’ Max Ritcher

Rock out with my girl Jules – ‘blister in the sun’ Violent Femmes

Dance manically around the kitchen with my husband –  ‘fools gold’ The Stone Roses

Air guitar at full volume – ‘supremacy’ Muse

My first girlie holiday in Ibiza – ‘rendez-vu’ Basement Jaxx

Hair brush microphone, full on dance routine with my girl Nicole – ‘super trooper’ Abba

Greatest love song of all time (in my opinion) – ‘wichita lineman’ Glen Campbell

I will be dancing with you to – basically anything from Britpop to Motown, 8o’s classic’s to full on cutting shape dance tunes!


my world

“My husband the creator of belly laughs, the boys our entertainment providers and big heart makers and my loyal, four-legged friend.”


You believe in love too. You and your wedding day will ooze it. You’re not fussed about tradition. You don’t mind breaking the rules. Who said it was bad luck for you to see each other on your wedding morning anyway? Your friends and families enjoyment is more important to you than wedding favours. You want your day to be colourful and full of laughter and affectionate shenanigans. You want your wedding photographs to fill in the memory gaps for years to come. You are unique and so is your wedding day.


On your wedding day, we’re already friends. We’ve chatted in-depth about your wedding, I know who and what’s important to you. We’ve had some fun messing around with ideas at your couple shoot. Now it’s all about you. I will blend in and observe you and your guests, watchfully capturing all the memory making moments, the fun, the emotion and the beautiful twinkles of interaction between you and your love. My only involvement is a little bit of people organising, maybe some gentle curation during your couple time and a reassuring smile should you need it.

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let’s get this conversation started

“I just want to say a special thank you from me though.

I wasn’t ever going to be a very confident bride and I struggled with the whole process from the day I tried the first dress on in the shop.  Even during the day I struggled as I hated most of the photos of myself of the day taken by my friends and family.  When we received your photos, it was another story.  I actually thought I looked all right!  My favourite photo of us both is when we walked out of the church, after our drum n bass exit, and we just grabbed each other for a quick kiss. You were my constant throughout the day, letting me know where I should be or what I should be doing.  I think I would have been lost without you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your superb professionalism and for the quality of your work.”

Claire & Dan Hill