An intimate love affair on a cold frosty December day in London

Sophia and Brendan contacted me a couple of weeks’ before their wedding. They chose to have their marriage ceremony at the beautiful Mayfair Library registry office. Followed by lunch at The Princess of Wales in Primrose Hill.

Now I love a London wedding because it means I can explore my love of urban landscapes and architecture. London is always a little edgy as well and I really try to consider how I can capture that feel into in my couples wedding. Sophia and Brendan got married during the in-between bit of Christmas and New Year. The day itself was cold, slightly misty, with the sun trying to break through. The streets of Mayfair were disserted. I couldn’t believe how perfect the scene had begun.

Then I met Brendan and his best man and usher. We had plenty of time to use the red brick streets as a backdrop for some fun photos. Shortly after the small gathering of guests had arrived Sophia made her entrance, completely stealing the show. There were a lot of tissues handed round, especially to Brendan. It always seems to be the groom who sheds the tears on the day. Either way the emotions were high.

We had planned for the three of us to stay and do some couple pictures around the library and then head to Primrose Hill in a black cab. Some of my favourite pictures from that day were taken in the taxi. I didn’t need to guide them; they were just so happy and excited to be married. It meant I could do what I love best, document and capture what was happening in front of me.

Back at the pub the winter sun was beautifully billowing through the large windows. Again I just observed the group and made sure I captured as many lovely candid moments as I could. Including shots at the bar.

Such a lovely, intimate affair on perfect day in London. Oh and my very own claim to fame for the day! Hopefully you can work out why 😉

mayfair street

iron railing outside of mayfair libary

groom talking to his best men

groom talking to his best men

groom talking to his best men

groom looking at his wedding ring

bride arriving for her wedding

groom waiting for his bride

bride walks down the aisle

bride laughing at her groom

groom wiping the tears away from his eyes

groom places ring on brides finger

bride and groom looking down

bride smiling holding hands

bride and groom kssing

bride and groom looking at each other

bride and groom kissing

confetti being thrown over couple

bride cuddling her friend

bride and her friends on a bench

group shot of couple

couple standing outside building

bride and groom cuddling

bride and groom outside a shop hugging

man and wife walking down a road in London hand in hand

man and wife walking down a road in London hand in hand

man and wife walking down a road in London hand in hand

couple going into a pub

bride and groom in black cab

bride and groom in black cab

bride and groom in black cab

bride and groom in black cab

bride and groom in black cab

bride and groom outside a house with a blossom tree

man and wife walking past a house

groom and his best men outside a pub

wedding guests raising a toast

two girls taking photo


bride placing her wedding ring inside her husbands

bride and a close up of her hand

bride taken through a window

man at the bar

man doing a shot

men at a bar laughing

bride laughing with her friend

mans head in sunlight

bride in a pub standing

couple in black and white on a street

bride and groom walking in the street

If you’re having a small intimate wedding or you are eloping please contact me for a bespoke price.

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  1. Kwesi Davies

    Hello Clare, your pictures look great! We are having a wedding at the Old Marylebone Town Hall and the reception at the Union Club at the Union Club in Soho.

    We are wondering if you are free on the 1st of December and what your prices are?


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I can't tell you how much we love the photos. They really are just ‘fantastic’. Looking through them genuinely did take us back through all the excitement and emotions of the day, which was always what we hoped for from wedding pictures! I don't know how you manage to capture so much feeling and sentiment but you did and we have had so much enjoyment looking through them and reliving it all. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, we couldn't be happier with them! We were overwhelmed with the slideshow too, what a generous and wonderful thing of you to do! It brings shivers down my spine watching it and - we absolutely loved it with the music!! We will really treasure that forever ‘thank you’!”

Amy & Christien Mott