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Fun & colourful spring wedding photography at East Quay wedding venue, Whitstable. Check this out if you like vintage touches, amazing styling and smoke bombs.


When Dan and Claire told me they were having a music inspired wedding and were really looking forward to a big dance fest. I did an internal fist pump in the air. Yes I loved them instantly! Throw into the mix the gorgeous and quirky East Quay venue and you have one awesome wedding. Whitstable […]



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I can't tell you how much we love the photos. They really are just ‘fantastic’. Looking through them genuinely did take us back through all the excitement and emotions of the day, which was always what we hoped for from wedding pictures! I don't know how you manage to capture so much feeling and sentiment but you did and we have had so much enjoyment looking through them and reliving it all. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, we couldn't be happier with them! We were overwhelmed with the slideshow too, what a generous and wonderful thing of you to do! It brings shivers down my spine watching it and - we absolutely loved it with the music!! We will really treasure that forever ‘thank you’!”

Amy & Christien Mott