couple shoot

There’s a reason why I prefer to be on the other side of the camera too. My fears and feelings are just the same as yours when it comes to having your photograph taken, but I’m pretty confident by the end of the photo shoot you will enjoy it.

Which is why I love couple photo shoots.

Imagine you are being filmed for the ‘documentary of us’ you want the viewers to see the real relationship between you, not a fake intimacy. The couple shoot is a really wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy some time together, away from the everyday, a chance for you to think and express your love for each other. It will be relaxed, we can chat, have a laugh or you can simply forget I’m there.

The couple shoot also gives me the opportunity to observe how you connect as a couple. We are all so beautifully different and triggered by many things. Some couples can’t keep their hands of each other, some flirt with banter and others with understated signals of intimacy. Your personalities and connections will influence your wedding day but I will already know that!

You can decide where you would like your shoot

these are some of my suggestions:

• Have a beverage at your favourite coffee shop or pub

• Go to a field just before sunset and snuggle up with a blanket

• The rugged West Beach in Whitstable with its coloured houses and bright beach huts

• Head down to the beach, eat ice cream and have fun on the sand – Margate is perfect for this

• Apple orchards with their pretty blossom in Spring. I have loads near me in Preston.

• The Lavender Fields at Chalk Farm near Canterbury (they charge £50 to access the fields privately) July-August, weekdays only

• Your favourite park, boating lake, coastal walk

• A woodland walk with your dog, wellington boots, hats and scarves

• Where you first met or had your first date

• If your home is bright/light and cool/quirky we can do a relaxed home shoot, making brunch, chilling out at home

 Why not book a couple shoot just becuase you’re in love….?

If you’re similar to me and Jon, you’ll have a few selfies and some vaguely acceptable holiday snaps. Your love is so special, and we don’t celebrate it enough. I’m so passionate about capturing couples’ connections that I offer shoots to all lovers.

A couple shoot normally lasts for about 2 hours but a lot of that is me chatting and us getting to know each other. A couple shoot cost £250.00.


I don’t think we could put into words how much we absolutely love our wedding photos and the slideshow. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect wedding photographer, thank you so much!

Millie & Cieran