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“We would love you to be our wedding photographer and we are getting married at East Quay.” East Quay is one of my absolute favourite wedding venues in Kent to photograph, plus Whitstable will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s where I met my true love.

I’ve been privileged to photograph a number of weddings at East Quay but none are the same. The Whitstable backdrop is always changing, the weather and the sunsets are unpredictable and the venue is a blank canvas.

The wedding venue

East Quay is such a special place to have your wedding. It’s full of original character and rustic charm and offers a ‘shabby chic’ ambience. Originally it was the home of Seasalter & Ham Oyster Fishery Company. Located conveniently at the end of Whitstable harbour so that the oyster companies could keep a watchful eye over their precious oyster beds.

Now the venue’s authentic seaside appeal makes it a perfect place to celebrate your wedding. Plus the photography opportunities are endless. It’s directly next to the beach and the harbour arm, so you benefit from the most amazing beach lit sunsets. You also have the industrial, urban backdrop of the working harbour and the colourful and fun beach huts dotted along the entire shoreline.

black and white of venue building

whitstable beach

Exciting beginnings

I first met Laura and Chris in a cute little coffee shop in Whitstable, The Blueprint Café for their couple shoot. On possibly the coldest day in December! However I instantly warmed to them. Laura has the biggest heart and really wanted their wedding day to be as special for their friends and family as it would be to them. Chris was calm and relaxed and complimented Laura perfectly.

Couple engagement shoot

So we braved the cold just long enough to prevent our fingers from freezing. In that short space of time I really enjoyed photographing them. Laura was really keen for me to be creative and was just as concerned about me enjoying their wedding day as their guests.

The wedding day

It’s very evident that Chris and Laura are both creative but with Chris running his own graphic design company they had really gone to town with the decoration. Large plastic nametags for the prominent guests, tons of ribbon bunting, cool graphic posters and lovely quotes chalked around the venue. This is one of the benefits of having your wedding at East Quay – it’s a blank canvass that can be dressed to the max or kept really simple.

wedding venue decoration

close up of a cactus

sign used in the wedding speech

Rock n roll bride

Laura was possibly one of the most cool and quirky brides I’ve worked with. Her hair was styled in a really amazing but elegant Mohawk. She wore wedding branded Converse all day and her black leather biker jacket worked so well with her stunning Sincerity lace dress. Chris and his groomsmen styled it out in blue/grey tweed that tied in perfectly with the blue and yellow theme.

dress hanging

close up of some converse trainers

After capturing lots of great documentary shots with Laura and her crew at bridal prep it was time for me to spend some time with the boys. Chris and his groomsmen were keen to fit in a beer before proceedings started, so we decided to walk to The Duke of Cumberland. Being a local girl I knew this pub would deliver on the cool backdrop stakes, so when Chris and his gang were enjoying a pint on the music stage I was snapping away.

bride having her hair done

bride laughing whilst being dressed

father hugging his daughter

two ladies getting emotional

groom and his men walking

groom and his groomsmen in a pub

Knowing how in love Laura and Chris are I knew their wedding ceremony was going to be emotional. In addition to the legal requirement they also wanted to make their ceremony more personal by writing their own wedding vows. This is always such a special moment to document and will totally bring a tear to my eye. It’s so romantic! Whilst they exchanged their vows the light flooded through the windows and the waves crashed on the rocks below.

groom standing with his best man

bride in her leather jacket

shot of bride taken from above

page boy walking up the aisle

bridesmaids walking up the aisle

bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom during their wedding ceremony

couple doing a reading

groom placing a ring on his brides finger

husband and wife kissing

husband and wife walking down the aisle together

lady laughing

man sticking his tongue out

bride hugging another lady

bride hugging taken from above

couple laughing

confetti in black and white

Fun group photographs

We’d briefly discussed the possibility of using smoke bombs before the wedding so when Laura told me she had brought some to use during their group pictures I was really excited, and slightly nervous. There was no need for my nerves the smoke bombs were so much fun and a great idea! Group photos can be quite sterile but using the smoke bombs for the wedding party pictures was awesome. I absolutely love how they came out.

group photo with smoke bombs

Couple wedding photos on the beach

Laura and Chris were totally up for their couple pictures so we made use of the coloured beach huts and rickety pontoon a short walk from the venue. Despite it being cold and grey you could still feel the love radiating from them. Whitstable never lets me down and we were lucky to get a gorgeous pink, spring sunset. Perfect for photographs on the beach.

bride smiling with her leather jacket on

bride and groom walking out on a pontoon

close up of brides dress

bride laughing on the beach

bride and groom kissing in between beach huts

close up of bride and groom hugging

husband spinning his wife

man and wife smiling for joy

man and wife kissing in alley

husband and wife kissing on the beach

husband and wife kissing on the beach

husband and wife kissing on the beach

One mega wedding party

After the heartfelt speeches and excellent food from the in-house chef. The guests partied the night away to the DJ, played giant jenga wars, had their face painted in glitter and drank many shots. Oh and I ended up experimenting with a flash lit smoke bomb photograph.

man with a face mask

man and wife with face masks

father of the bride doing a speech

man and wife laughing during the speech

bride getting emotional during the speech

man and wife cutting their wedding cake


young boy with his face painted

young boy playing giant jenga

man and wife dancing on the dance floor

man and wife kissing on the dance floor

man and wife dancing

man and wife kissing on the dance floor

sisters all dancing together with disco lights

couple in the dark with coloured smoke around them

Make up by Lydia Rae

Dress from Perfection Brides in Maidstone

Graphic posters and design by Chris himself and Buttaside Up

If you’re getting married at East Quay, thinking of using smoke bombs or just love my style of photography then I want to meet you 🙂


“What an absolutely brilliant fantastic photographer.”
“It was important for us that our wedding day was as much about us as it was our friends and family. We wanted to let our guests enjoy the day, and have  those natural moments captured as opposed to traditional shots. We made no error in having Clare meet this requirement. Clare was the perfect photographer in capturing the goings on, the quirks the conversations and the little moments here and there, which show how much fun everyone was having. 
Clare has an amazing eye for detail, she is friendly, kind and flexible, being up for any suggestions, whilst giving them herself to make the best out of the surroundings. Her enthusiasm, laughter and smiles reflect how passionate and important her work is. Clare’s technique meant we could enjoy our day without too much direction and some of our favourite moments captures were the ones were you wouldn’t even know she was there. 
When we received the final photos. Clare’s skill in photography showed how amazing she is. Some of our most favourite photos are those off guard captured moments which definitely added  a wonderful humour and many smiles to our memories. We cannot imagine the time and effort Clare put into the whole process and cannot thank her enough for being part of our day.” 
Laura and Chris Gammo-Felton


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I can't tell you how much we love the photos. They really are just ‘fantastic’. Looking through them genuinely did take us back through all the excitement and emotions of the day, which was always what we hoped for from wedding pictures! I don't know how you manage to capture so much feeling and sentiment but you did and we have had so much enjoyment looking through them and reliving it all. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, we couldn't be happier with them! We were overwhelmed with the slideshow too, what a generous and wonderful thing of you to do! It brings shivers down my spine watching it and - we absolutely loved it with the music!! We will really treasure that forever ‘thank you’!”

Amy & Christien Mott