the experience

“So you would like to know the full story. Let me guide you through the full wedding experience”

01. me + you

Excellent, you like my photography style or maybe my slightly weird taste in music! Either way, this is good news. I just need some information about you and then we can get the conversation flowing. You need more information? Head over to my FAQ’s or Wedding blog

02. Let’s meet for a chat and take some pictures

I love this bit. You’ll have to excuse me for being so nosy but I love finding out about you both. How long you’ve been together, the proposal, your quirks and idiosyncrasies. Oh and of course the exciting bit YOUR WEDDING DAY! I also really recommend you take me up on my offer of a complimentary couple shoot. I know “you hate having your picture taken” but I promise by the end you might actually enjoy it. It’s chilled and relaxed. There is no cheesy posing. Just me, my camera and you, having a bit of fun. Find out more on my couple shoot page

03. It’s about the finer wedding details

I will contact you a couple of weeks before your wedding day to confirm your timeline and finalise the important details. “You’ve decided to walk to the church with your dad” Ah that’s a great idea, no problem. I will work to your plan, not mine.

04. It’s your wedding day

First, let’s take a breath. Ok? Excitement overload it’s finally here! The day you get to declare to the world exactly how much you love each other and I can’t wait to capture that you for.

I’ve already been to the venue to set the scene and now I’m with you in your final ‘single’ few hours. There is no planning what happens next but I’m pretty certain it’s going to be epic! Your very own love story captured on camera.

Before I say ‘goodbye’ I will be dancing with you and your guests. Camera in one hand, odd swinging motion with the other. There really is no better way to capture the fun of the celebration than to join in and dance with you.

05. Put some bubbles on ice, your wedding gallery is ready

I promise I won’t keep you waiting for too long. Each selected image is individually edited in my signature style and I only dedicate my attention to one wedding at a time.

They’re nearly ready! It’s really important to me that you have an evening free of distraction to view your gallery. So I will let you know, in advance, when they will be delivered.

Ok, time to get comfy. Your wedding playlist melodically feels the air and you’re sipping a glass of something chilled. Before you view your full wedding gallery you play your highlights film.

06. The forever bit

Our digital age has its advantages but it also makes me sad to think how many beautiful memory moments are kept hidden in an electronic void. I really hope you download, print and share the love from your gallery. 

For now, my gifts to you are ten beautiful and timeless Giclee fine art prints.

let’s get this conversation started

my wedding blog

“I just wanted to send you an email expressing our gratitude for the photographs of our wedding.  Dan and I love them, and the little touches in the package made it even more special when we received it. I just want to say a special thank you from me though. I wasn’t ever going to be a very confident bride and I struggled with the whole process from the day I tried the first dress on in the shop.  Even during the day I struggled and afterwards, as I hated most of the photos of myself of the day taken by my friends and family.  When we received your photos, it was another story.  I actually thought I looked all right!  My favourite photo of us both is when we walked out of the church, after our drum n bass exit, and we just grabbed each other for a quick kiss.  The happiness I can see in the way you captured us is perfect, and that is a theme throughout your work for us.  But also, you were my constant throughout the day, letting me know where I should be or what I should be doing.  I think I would have been lost without you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your superb professionalism and for the quality of your work.”