Woodland Couple Shoot | Dogs and Giggles

Steph and Adam were an absolute joy to photograph. So many giggle’s and smiles. Like many of my couples they felt a bit awkward at first but I always say, “it’s absolutely fine to feel awkward, just embrace it”. Your photos will never look odd.

Woodland Couple Shoots

Steph and Adam wanted to include their two four-legged friends in the shoot: Vinnie the Pug and Eddie the Boxer. Rather than buy wedding favours for all their guests they have made a donation to the Dogs Trust. The Trust very kindly gave them a pin for all their guests. It was now my job to try and get a good photograph of the four of them that they could use with the pins. I think this is such a lovely idea. I see so many disregarded favours.

We decided to meet in Toys Hill, which is a National Trust woodland just outside of Westerham, Kent. Despite it being very much winter the wood still made for a perfect backdrop. Steph and Adam laughed so much that I had to try and get them to be serious. Of course this didn’t work but this is exactly why I offer complimentary shoots. I think it’s really important to understand how you interact with each other to maximize your couple pictures on the day. You will also feel more comfortable with me taking photographs of you because we’ve already hanged out.

boxer dog standing in the wood

couple laughing

couple laughing

couple with their two dogs sitting on a bench

couple cuddling in the woods

couple cuddling in the woods

couple cuddling in the woods

couple walking with their dog

couple walking in the woods

couple cuddling

couple walking away in the woods


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I can't tell you how much we love the photos. They really are just ‘fantastic’. Looking through them genuinely did take us back through all the excitement and emotions of the day, which was always what we hoped for from wedding pictures! I don't know how you manage to capture so much feeling and sentiment but you did and we have had so much enjoyment looking through them and reliving it all. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, we couldn't be happier with them! We were overwhelmed with the slideshow too, what a generous and wonderful thing of you to do! It brings shivers down my spine watching it and - we absolutely loved it with the music!! We will really treasure that forever ‘thank you’!”

Amy & Christien Mott